I was born just north of Toronto, Canada. and my first camera was an old Pentax K1000 with a 50mm, F/2 prime lens which my father passed down to me. Little did he know that it would trigger a completely overwhelming passion for photography and cinematography. This desire would later lead to a career in film and broadcasting, complete with many festival awards, screenings, and travel to filming locations throughout the world. 

Studying cinematography at Niagara College and shooting almost exclusively in 16mm on an Arri SR3 and an older Aaton camera system, I gained a fundamental skill set that embraced traditional shooting practices while keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape of motion picture production. I am also an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, a professional organization dedicated to the people committed to enriching the future Directors of Motion Picture Photography and their craft.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to shoot director, Lee Skinner’s unique and visually attractive music video concepts. As the director of photography, the challenging part of working with directors like Lee is always making his distinct style and vision come to life within my frame. These award-winning music videos have earned great praise and many accolades from within the industry.

Please check out my Cinematography page to see the most recent examples of work and my contact page to get in touch.



Sean G. Marjoram
Associate Member, Canadian Society of Cinematographers